Digital University

The DTMA is a full consortium member of the CyberFutures consortium consisting of c. 20 universities worldwide (including Fordham University in New York) who are establishing a blockchain based higher education system with the following features:

  • Distributed Education – students able to achieve UG and PG accredited degrees through completing online modules irrespective of geography and course provider.
  • Diverse Certification – recognition of both traditionally formal certificated extrinsic learning and non-formal intrinsic education such as NGO volunteering.
  • Learning Passport – Digital recording of the individual learnings journey through a verifiable public blockchain of hard and soft assets.
  • Knowledge Tokenisation – Establishing a monetary educational RoI based on tracking of Intellectual Property and linked social impact.
  • Decentralized Administration – no central awarding body but each institution able to offer degrees through a Distributed Learning Ledger (DLL).

The provision will be offered through the domain EXCHANGE.AC.UK which has been provided by official UK education institutions HEFCE (now OfS), JISC, UniversitiesUK, LFHE under a UK government backed Value for Students initiative. The number of students currently committed is 105,000 and the target launch date is September 2019 with partner Informa Plc (FTSE 100).

The consortium host is the not-for-profit Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance which is the world’s leading think tank on the movement of value (measurement, transaction and delivery) with 120,000 members and 2 international journals (Social Value & Intangibles Review with 125 academics and Frontiers in Blockchain with 319 editors).