Technology is moving at such a speed and getting harder to keep in the loop, Innovation comes with numerous hurdles, Blockchain is a prime example as governments and regulators are still yet to implement a safe & stable regulatory framework to support the technology


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Find out more about Blockchain Technology, the latest technology that has seen in 2018 over 10 Billion US Dollars invested into startups Alone.

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Training Courses

Ranging from FREEMIUM to PREMIUM courses are available covering numerous sectors around technlogy.

Legal & Regulatory Framework

The key to social change comes with looking at existing regulation and how technology can best fit, but in many cases with new technologies a more refined approach is required.

Fund Raising

Fund raising is a crucial element to any academic research or project, therefore DTMA has created its own internal network for small grants.

Event Organising

DTMA works closely on with international organisation either by partnering or speaking at global events.

Social Networking

When joining DTMA you also join our community and services that are provided online and offline.

Digital Cooperatives

Next generation of Blockchain businesses will be built on existing laws of Cooperatives transforming them to Digi CooP

Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currency is still somewhat of a WILD WILD WEST show, but this does not mean Crypto Currency is the end solution to solve problems.

There is no experience needed in the trading sector of Crypto Currency